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Help us spread the word!

Do you have a business where you can post flyers? Does your church or community group have a bulletin board or a newsletter? Could you leave some materials in your break room?


There are many ways you can help us get the word out about programs and animals here at HSWC! 

Help us grow our foster care network!

HSWC Foster Plea - Kitten
HSWC Foster Plea - Cat
HSWC Foster Plea - Puppy
HSWC Foster Plea - Dog

Fostering is not limited to cats and dogs. Small animals, reptiles, amphibians, and livestock are also eligible for foster care.
If interested in a flyer for any of these animals, please send us an email

Encourage adoption, and share our available pets!

HSWC Adopt a Dog
HSWC Adopt a Cat

Follow us online, and repost our content!

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