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Working Cat Program

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Looking for a cat who needs a job? Working cats are felines that come into the shelter and have successfully lived outside for the majority of their lives. For one reason or another they are unable to be returned to their original outdoor home, so they are looking for employment elsewhere.


If you have a garage, warehouse, brewery, greenhouse, barn, or any other suitable shelter, then you can adopt a working cat from HSWC! When you apply for a working cat from our shelter, you are saving a life that may not have been a suitable candidate for adoption into an indoor environment.


The adoption fee for our working cats is free, but we appreciate any donations you are willing to give to help other felines in the Working Cat Program. 

Prior to taking your new working cat, they have received:

  • Spaying/Neutering

  • Current Vaccinations

  • Ear Tipping

  • Microchipping

Additional supplies to help get you and your new cat started may be offered when we have them available.

For additional information about adopting a working cat, click here

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