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This page is here to put any documents that you may need to put in an event description in the calendar. You can't directly attach .pdfs to an event in the calendar, you have to link them.


After you've created your event - 

1. Add text to this page - just write the name of the document. In your 'text settings' box, click the link button. 

2. Tell it you want to link to a document, and it will take you to the site files. Just upload the document you want, and then click the 'add to page' button. 

3. Preview this page, and click the link to the document you want. When it comes up, copy the URL for it. 

4. In your event, highlight whatever text you want to link to the document. In the 'text settings' box, click the link button. 

5. It will ask you for a URL, so just paste the one you copied in Step 3. 

6. Make sure to test it!

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