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Please note – in 2013, HSWC got a new shelter management software that calculated statistics differently than we had been doing up until that point. In 2019, we changed again to be in line with industry standards. We no longer count animals moving to/from foster as live intakes and outcomes.

• Intake numbers for 2020 are lower due to COVID-19, but they may also be lower due to increased efforts and new programs designed to help people keep their animals in the home.

• Total intakes include animals coming in as stray, owner surrenders, returns, through Field Services, or who are born in our care. They do not include wildlife, animals returning from foster, euthanasia requests, animals that have had lost or found reports filed, or animals that are dead upon arrival.

• Comparisons are given for the years in which we have records. Not all data points were collected every year.

• Current statistics reflect the period from January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2020.


For questions about statistics, please email

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