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Meet Your Match!


Meet Your Match Feline-ality

In an effort to find as many placements as possible for our feline friends, the Humane Society of Washington County implemented the ASPCA’s Meet Your Match Feline-ality program in April of 2014. This program includes behavior assessing our adoptable felines and then giving them a personality or “feline-ality,” based upon the results of the assessment. Then any potential cat adopters are asked to complete a survey that will then match them with a “feline-ality,” best suited for their life. You can click here to read more from the ASPCA about the details of the Meet Your Match Program and how research shows more cats are adopted with this program! This helps reduce returned adoptions and find the best possible homes for our kitty friends. The “Feline-alities,” may just surprise you.

Meet Your Match Canine-ality

In a similar manner to the Feline-ality Program, the HSWC implemented the ASPCA’s Canine-ality in February 2016. This program also includes a behavior assessment used to identify the personality of our available canines and then make choices and placements that will allow them to flourish.

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