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Introducing GoodPup!

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

HSWC has recently had the opportunity to partner with GoodPup to offer free training with each dog adoption!

GoodPup is a training application that can be downloaded at no charge to any smartphone and enables owners to have live training sessions with a certified trainer.

With having easy access to training right on your phone, the need to remove your canine companion from their home environment to go to a training class, or bring a trainer into your home, is eliminated.

Trainers are also available via the app's chat feature from 9:00am EST to midnight.

Now when a dog is adopted from HSWC, the new owner can have their first week of GoodPup training FREE!

If the adopter continues GoodPup training after the first week, they will receive 20% off training for life (just $23 a week!), and GoodPup will make a generous donation to HSWC! We are very excited to offer this great opportunity to our canine adopters!

If you are interested in GoodPup but adopted from us before we partnered with them, don't worry, you are eligible get a free week + 20% off GoodPup training for life too!

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