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Keep Pets Inside During Extreme Weather

All pets should be brought inside during extreme weather conditions like those we are currently experiencing.  If this is not possible, animals must have access to both proper shelter and unfrozen water at all times.  Proper shelter is defined as dry and containing adequate bedding (such as straw) and a windbreak.  The shelter must also allow the animal to stand up and turn around but not be so large that the animal cannot maintain normal body temperature. 

Pets left in extreme weather conditions without proper provisions are a priority for HSWC Field Services.  Response may include citations and/or impoundment of the animal.  To ensure there is room to house animals that may consequently be impounded, we are not accepting owner surrendered animals at this time. Individuals who want to surrender a pet may instead call the shelter during regular business hours at 301-733-2060 to place their name on a list. As space allows, staff will call them to schedule an appointment to surrender their pet.

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